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Orthopedic Design & Technology Magazine Article: "Lab Tested, Industry Approved: A Discussion of Ortho Device Testing & Analysis"

Members of the Engineering & Quality Solutions, Inc. team, Victoria Trafka & Richard Brown were honored to have provided perspective for an article on orthopedic device testing and analysis in the current issue of the Orthopedic Design & Technology, ODT, magazine. See link below for full Article:


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EQS Attending the 2022 NASS Annual Meeting in Chicago, Illinois

Engineering & Quality Solutions, Inc will have representatives attending the 2022 NASS annual meeting in Chicago, Illinois. NASS annual meeting provides great opportunities to meet with peers, share perspectives, keep track of industry trends and form successful partnerships.  We still have meeting slots open for T...

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FDA Resumes Planning & Conducting Domestic Surveillance Inspections

The U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has resumed planning and conducting domestic surveillance inspections across all  commodities.



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FDA Published Proposed Changes To 21 CFR Part 820


FDA published proposed changes to 21 CFR part 820 which seeks to harmonize the regulations with ISO 13485.

Public comment is due before May 24, 2022 related to the proposed changes.

Follow link below.

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AAOS 2022 Annual Meeting, March 22 -26 in Chicago

The AAOS 2022 annual meeting is back on the normal schedule taking place in Chicago, Illinois on March 22 through 26.  Hopefully attendance will be back to normal as well, allowing for more information exchange and networking.


Follow the link below for specific information direct from AAOS.

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President Of EQS Honored To Have Article Published In Industry Magazine

Engineering & Quality Solutions, Inc"s president and principal engineer, Victoria Trafka, authored an article recently published in Orthopedic & Design Technology magazine.  The article is titled "Five Reasons For The Small World Of Orthopedic Product Development" and explores why product development engineers in the orthopedic and spine industry don't often cross over into other areas of medical device.

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Pedicle screw usage to increase globally

Market research projects a 35% increase in revenue from the use of pedicle screws for the global market over the next 5 years.  See article below from ODT magazine. The consultants at Engineering & Quality Solutions have designed pedicle screw systems that have received FDA clearance in the past year for our clients. If you need product development help with a pedicle screw system please contact us to discuss how we may help you achieve your goals for your system.

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