Long PD Timelines Delaying Market Launch?

Long PD Timelines Delaying Market Launch? Tips to reduce PD timelines

Are your medical device PD time lines getting longer? If you have a high impact project or a critical launch window, this can seriously jeopardize revenues. Consider these top four tips to reduce PD timelines. It’s no secret that the sooner your medical device is launched, the sooner revenues begin rolling in. And some products have a specific launch window where introduction time is critical to realizing sales and gaining market share. But medical device product development takes time, especially for orthopedic and spine devices where design controls and FDA regulations are non-negotiable. So what can you do to launch sooner while maintaining quality on critical projects? Check out these four tips to reduce medical device product development timelines:

1) Reduce distractions and multi-tasking

If development team members work on multiple projects and sustaining engineering tasks, consider removing these other duties and allowing team members to work on only the high impact project. They will be more productive and efficient and tasks will be completed faster.

2) Identify and work on the critical design first

Orthopedic and spinal device systems typically contain many implant versions with multiple sizes, geometries and options. If you can identify the worst case version early and design that size first, you can get to prototyping and testing sooner. Then design the remaining versions after the critical one is completed.

3) Add resources

It may seem obvious to add resources, but this must be done carefully because more is not necessarily better. The trick is to add the right resources at the right time on the right tasks. Consider what tasks can be split up without causing disruptions and confusion, which will cost more time. Ask the team members where they need extra help and what they could hand off. Always make sure the added resources are qualified to work on the needed tasks without much supervision or instruction.

4) Get regulatory input as early as possible

Too many medical device launch deadlines are missed because of overlooked requirements that could have easily been handled during the normal course of the project. Some common items are packaging, testing, or validation requirements. Check with your regulatory experts early to make sure all of the required elements are known and included in the project timeline.

The professionals at Engineering & Quality Solutions, Inc. have been members on dozens of medical device product development teams. With our orthopedic and spine product development experience we can provide the extra resources you need, when you need them. We can help ensure that the project plan is clearly and completely defined, that proper requirements are included, and that the project stays on track, while always keeping the clients updated. Our goal is to help you meet yours.

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