Part 1 – Product Development for Start-ups

Part 1 – Product Development

Engineering & Quality Solutions, Inc. is the perfect resource for medical device start-ups and business ventures. Contact us today to get started.

This is the first installment in a four-part series on how Engineering & Quality Solutions, Inc. can help business ventures and start-ups by consulting on product development, quality systems, manufacturing and transitioning to internal resources if needed. We consult on-site or remotely and can work in a small or large capacity, as company inside resources or outside consultants, whatever works for your company model and stage. Many start-ups operate entirely in the cloud with resources living in different states, and this is a great model to reduce overhead and attract the best personnel. As the company and business evolves and grows, we adapt and provide the resources you need at the exact time you need them!

New business ventures and start-up companies need concepts and products developed quickly and efficiently, which means experienced engineers with the right tools are a must. The consultants at Engineering & Quality Solutions, Inc. have decades of medical device development experience and have the software, instruments and resources to produce concepts and designs in very short timeframes. We can source prototypes and make design modifications in just days, keeping your projects on track.

Most medical devices need an accompanying design history file with appropriate design controls. Our engineers know the FDA regulations and can create the necessary design files for you. Therefore, your product will be designed and the documentation will be compliant with FDA 21 CFR 820.

We can help with:

  • Concept 3D Modeling
  • Quick-turn Prototypes
  • Design Refinement
  • Product Development
  • Detailed Drawings & Specifications
  • Design History Files
  • Design Controls
  • Acting as Product Development Manager
Part 2 – Quality System Development for Start-ups
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